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In ‘Monsters at Work,’ a Roz by Another Name Is Just as Sour

Roz gets an “identical twin sister,” Roze, in “Monsters at Work.” Their voices sound identical. Please settle the score: Are they secretly the same slug?

Aren’t twins very much like the same person? Mike thinks he’s rid of Roz, only to meet Roze, who, except for her colored hair and no glasses, sounds exactly the same. People should keep watching Roze — there are some surprises coming up, and people can conjecture, but I’m not sure they’ll be able to guess what they are.

When can we expect a Roz/Roze spinoff series?

That would be fun. We could do it — I’d find a way.

You’ve voiced a number of memorable Pixar characters, including the squirrel-loving dog Dug in “Up” and Mr. Ray in “Finding Nemo.” What are some of your others?

I generally do scratch recording [a temporary voice recording] for every film I work on. For “Luca,” I played the dad for a while, and, at that time, it was more of an Italian accent, and I just could not do it. I was so glad when they said, “We’re not going to use you.” I was in “Finding Nemo” as the jumping dolphins and as the bird who, when the bubble comes up, says, “Nice,” and flies away.

Do you ever break out the Roz voice in public?

Before my mom passed away, when we’d go to the Monsters, Inc. ride at California Adventure, she’d want to make sure all the ride operators knew I voiced Roz. As we were getting on the car, she’d say, “Oh, my son, he does Roz; do the voice.” And I’d be like, “Eeeeeeh … Wazowski,” and the ride operator would be like, “That’s great, come on, let’s get on the car.” No one cares. I don’t do it too often, but sometimes I’ll do it to make a point — if someone insults me or something, I’ll give them an “Eeeeeeh” [in Roz voice]. Mostly I keep Roz contained, but, like the Hulk, she breaks out every now and then.

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